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Autonomy for Industrial and Municipal Deployments

Four trucks using RR.AI's autonomous transportation solutions

Safe and Scalable

AutoDrive has been deployed on roadways around the globe and in the industry’s harshest, unstructured environments. Our autonomous vehicle solutions span vehicle types and scale across levels of driving automation – from advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to automated driving systems (ADS) up to Society for Automotive Engineering (SAE) Level 4.

SAE Levels of Autonomy

Level 0


Manual control. The human performs all driving tasks (steering, acceleration, braking, ect.)

Level 1


The vehicle features a single automated system (e.g. it mentions speed through cruise control).

Level 2


ADAS. The vehicle can perform steering and acceleration. The human still monitors all tasks and can control at any time.

Level 3


Environmental detection capabilities. The vehicle can perform most driving tasks, but human override is still required. 

Level 4


The vehicle performs all driving tasks under specific circumstances. Geofencing is required. Human override is still an option.

Level 5


The vehicle performs all driving tasks under all conditions. Zero human attention or interaction is required.

Commercial truck as a use case of RRAI's autonomous transportation technology
Terminal tractors as a use case of RRAI's autonomous transportation technology
A3S Autonomy as a Service

Comprehensive Solutions for OEMs and Mixed Fleet Operators

Heavy-duty Trucks

Class 8 trucks used for on-road highway transportation, for terminal applications, and for rugged-terrain applications such as mining sites, logging and forestry roads, construction and other complex operating design domains (ODDs).

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Terminal Tractors

Yard trucks critical to transportation and logistics hubs, warehouses and distribution centers, ports and freight yards.

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Autonomy as a Service (A3S)

RRAI’s A3S™ Autonomy as a Service program helps customers meet autonomy objectives in the near-term while managing upfront investment and ensuring long-tail continuous hardware/software development improvements and functionality enhancements and additions. A3S Customer Benefits:

  • Enables budget certainty and lower upfront costs​
  • ​Fosters quality assurance and iterative design processes​
  • ​Ensures continuous HW/SW updates and support
  • Delivers more functionality, product reliability and program sustainability over time

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The future of autonomy is here.