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America’s Top Quad Flyer is Technician at Robotic Research

Shenzhen, China
Jessika Farrar is a UAV Technician at Robotic Research. She has been building and flying model RC aircraft since she was 6 years old.  Over the years, Jessika’s interest in RC models has evolved, going from gas powered planes built from balsa wood flown strictly line of sight, to flying LiPo powered quadcopters built from carbon fiber. These quadcopters are designed to fly at nearly 100mph via First Person View (FPV), and everything in between. Jessika enjoys flying quadcopter drones more than any other type of aircraft because they are launched and landed, literally anywhere. They will fly in almost any type of environment, no matter how small or how obstacle-dense… and as you will see here, Jessika’s piloting skills are up to the task:
Over the past two years, Jessika became a professional-level drone racing pilot and she competes in drone racing events around the world. In the summer of 2018, Jessika was selected to race on Team USA for the FAI World Drone Racing Championship which took place in Shenzhen China. Team USA placed 7th overall and Jessika’s individual placement was 4th. It was an awesome experience that Jessika will never forget. What is super amazing is that Jessika is the only female pilot competing in the 2018 MultiGP US and is also the only female in the top 32 finalists in the 2018 IDRA Challengers Cup Series Nationals race taking place in February, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jessika looks forward to continuing to race competitively in 2019 and beyond. She spends most of her free time during the week building and repairing her fleet of racing drones, as well as practicing flying (after working with drones all day at Robotic Research)! During the weekend, she can be found at a racing event, or getting more practice time in. GO JESSIKA!!!