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First-of-its-Kind Unmanned Platform Unveiled

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Versatility can add important value to multi-mission unmanned systems. A first-of-its-kind hybrid UAS/UGV unveiled recently was defined as the first transformable robotic system — a whole new category of robots. The system reportedly delivers greater flexibility and performance to reconnaissance and combat operations, while creating a stronger shield for military forces. The Pegasus platform’s developer Robotic Research, a provider of autonomy and robotic technologies to federal and commercial customers, said Pegasus is equipped with artificial intelligence that can perform obstacle avoidance and full 3D mapping in any environment. It is operated by a common controller built within the ATAK/Netwarrior application. The robotic system was developed to address intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosives missions. According to the company website, the system’s features include: Autonomous operations in air or ground modes. 20 minutes of operation in flight mode or four hours in ground mode. Supporting up to a two-pound payload (ISR and CBRNE payloads available). Operating with or without GPS. Ability to create a 3D map of its environment. This is the first AI system capable of autonomously controlling ground and air mode capabilities. Alberto Lacaze, president of Robotic Research said: “Nothing before Pegasus has had the reach or versatility of this system. We look forward to sharing this with our customers in the U.S. military, as well as within commercial sectors and areas such as public works.”
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