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Milestones: Military Convoy Demonstrations in Kuwait

Achieving Milestones: Autonomous Military Convoy Demonstrations in Kuwait

By Britten Warner, Mission Operations Lead, RRAI

Recently, RRAI (Robotic Research Autonomous Industries) had the honor of demonstrating our autonomous capabilities for high-ranking US and Kuwaiti military officials.  Over a three-week period, on both military and civilian roads, the success of these demonstrations highlighted the rapid progress and utility of autonomous vehicle technology for military operations for today, not tomorrow.

Courtesy: Captain Katherine Alegado

As part of the demonstration, RRAI teammates trained new soldiers on how to use our ATVS system.  It only took these soldiers two weeks to become operators for our autonomous convoys of PLS trucks.  And within a week later, the operators successfully conducted five separate demonstrations for three generals. 

A demonstration for Lieutenant General Pat Frank, the commanding general for US Army Central Command, even included him serving as the safety driver for one of the autonomous PLSs.   

Courtesy: Captain Katherine Alegado

In addition, the demonstrations included high ranking Kuwaiti military officials testing the autonomous capabilities, reported on by the Kuwaiti media.

Courtesy: Captain Katherine Alegado

The demonstrations offered several key takeaways beginning with realizing that even in the stage of development, the autonomous capability enables an operational utility to reduce the number of people in vehicles; meaning requiring less people to do more right now.  In addition, the performance of the autonomous PLS trucks on civilian roads reiterated the need to integrate civilian road space behaviors while also underscoring the need for military domains to be integrated within the civilian space. 

Courtesy: Britten Warner

The positive reactions of high-ranking officials and soldiers affirm the project’s viability, highlighting its potential to reduce manpower, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to safer military operations on the road.

The success of this project offers a glimpse into the future of military convoy operations. As the technology continues to evolve, the lessons learned from these demonstrations will undoubtedly pave the way for more seamless integration into both military and civilian spaces. The project has proven that while challenges remain, the benefits are immense.