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My first REAL autonomous ride!

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Since Olli’s launch, the goal has been to ready Olli for customers and real-world pilots. Olli now enters that next key phase this summer as they being pilot program deployments. Local Motors announced earlier this year that they partnered with a leading automotive engineering group to develop the commercial version of Olli. They have also enlisted Robotic Research as their autonomous provider. Robotic Research has an extensive background in autonomous vehicles for the US military. This past week they set up Demo Days in Maryland where customers and select partners were invited to come and see what Olli can do.

While I’ve previously ridden in two autonomous vehicles, they were both in open spaces that just provided a feel for how a self-driving car operates. Though this ride is still in a controlled setting, the demo course was set up to simulate several real-world challenges that autonomous vehicles face…. here goes! Read the entire article on LinkedIn

Kal Gyimesi Source: LinkedIn Pulse Apr. 7, 2018