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Robotic Research founder says autonomy vendors now have more flexibility

CLARKSBURG, MD — While the military previously wanted to purchase integrated autonomous vehicles from a single vendor, it’s now more willing to work with separate vehicle builders and autonomy vendors, according to the president of Robotic Research. Speaking to reporters at Robotic Research’s office here, Alberto Lacaze said the company has seen a paradigm shift. Program managers, he said, are now far more open to working with a vehicle maker and a separate autonomy vendor. “They see this as a way of improving interfaces that are standard across the industry,” Lacaze said. “We think that’s a good idea for the government.” He also said it’s a positive change for Robotic Research. Previously, he continued, prime contractors wanted to “lock us up,” making it hard for the company to work with anyone else. “It’s a good thing for our business, and we are very much using it to our favor,” he said of the shift. “Now we have a little bit more freedom.” Among the company’s current DOD projects are the Army’s Expedient Leader Follower program, Robotic Combat Vehicle effort and Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport program.
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