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Robotic Research Selected by DANNAR to Provide Autonomous Driving System for Zero-Emission Work Vehicles

Robotic Research Selected by DANNAR to Provide Autonomous Driving System for Zero-Emission Work Vehicles

Fully Autonomous DANNAR 4.00 Mobile Power Station Unveiled

CLARKSBURG, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robotic Research (, a global leader in autonomous driving systems, announced today that it was selected by DD DANNAR, LLC (“DANNAR”) to be the preferred autonomy provider for the company’s Mobile Power Station (MPS) platforms.

Robotic Research and DANNAR recently demonstrated the fully autonomous DANNAR 4.00 MPS, which served as both an unmanned logistics vehicle and mobile power station, at the Electric & Unmanned Logistics Demo Day, held on June 23 at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

“We are excited to be working DANNAR,” said Edward Mottern, COO at Robotic Research. “They produce off-road, heavy-duty, all-electric platforms that are already very versatile. Now add to them our robust autonomy solutions, and you have a platform that’s clean, intelligent, and ready to tackle a host of missions at home or abroad.”

The DANNAR 4.00 MPS base configuration comes with 125 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion batteries. But it can be upgraded with up to a 504 kWh of onboard electricity, to serve as a mobile micro-grid while carrying hydraulic tools. Tough and durable, the base MPS model shown and listed on GSA can operate in four feet of water, weighs approximately 15,000 pounds, and is able to carry a payload of 15,000 pounds.

During the Electric & Unmanned Logistics Demo Day, the two companies demonstrated how an unmanned DANNAR 4.00 MPS can be used to deliver supplies and energy on the battlefield. The platform’s energy storage capacity places it in a prime position to be the fuel truck of the electrified battlefield.

“Given their utility, our MPS vehicles are often deployed in environments that are not always safe for operators,” said Gary Dannar, President and CEO of DANNAR. “The autonomous capability available through Robotic Research gives our customers yet another way to achieve their goals while keeping personnel safe.”

The Electric & Unmanned Logistics Demo Day came a day before the Electric Mobility Symposium, which featured demonstrations and panels on energy, connectivity, and autonomy solutions and how, combined, they benefit military installations and municipalities. Both the demo day and symposium were held at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar under the auspices of the NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge and its director, Lt. Col. Brandon Newell.

“The Electric & Unmanned Logistics Demo Day and Electric Mobility Symposium were about showing the art of the possible,” said Mottern. “We believe that autonomy has a major role to play in both civilian infrastructure and the modern battlefield.”

About Robotic Research

Robotic Research is a global technology company specializing in autonomy and platooning solutions for commercial and defense customers. Founded in 2002, the Company has been a trusted technology partner to the public and private sector for nearly twenty years. From people to platforms, at home or overseas, Robotic Research is driven to make the way you move smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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Headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, DD DANNAR, LLC (DANNAR) manufactures the revolutionary Mobile Power Station (MPS), the first zero-emission modular platform that functions as both a multi-purpose off-road work vehicle and offers a grid-scale auxiliary power supply. The DANNAR MPS can be customized with over 250 commercially available work attachments. It can also provide up to 500 kWh of on-demand electricity, via a configurable export panel.

With all-wheel-drive, remote and autonomous capabilities, the MPS can be deployed in a range of operating environments, especially in those that are unsafe for personnel. More information is available via the web at


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