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Robotic Research to Showcase Small Two-Mode Drone at CES 2020

Robotic Research will exhibit a small, transformable drone at the Consumer Technology Association’s upcoming CES 2020 event. The Pegasus Mini is a downsized version of the Pegasus, a multimodal drone designed to operate on the ground and in the air, Robotic Research said Friday. It may be used in emergency response situations as well as provide data for public safety, law enforcement and oil and gas projects. Alberto Lacaze, president at Robotic Research, said Pegasus Mini brings remote sensors in a compact system that functions both as an aerial drone and a ground vehicle. The football-sized drone weighs 4.2 pounds, accommodates up to two pounds of payload and features mapping technology for GPS-denied environments. Pegasus Mini can operate for up to 30 minutes in flight mode and two hours in ground mode. “We look forward to leveraging these unique features of the Pegasus Mini to provide more flexible, easily deployable, autonomous systems for customers in both the commercial and federal markets,” said Lacaze.   Read the full article on ExecutiveBiz