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Alberto Lacaze headshot

Alberto Lacaze

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Alberto Lacaze is the CEO of Robotic Research, which was established in 2002. Mr. Lacaze holds over 100 patents in the field of robotics and hundreds of published articles. He is an internationally recognized leader in robotic engineering and frequently sought- after expert speaker at technology and industry forums around the world. As the President of Robotic Research, he oversees technical aspects of both commercial and DoD robotic systems and drives innovation around the company. Under his vision, Robotic Research has grown to become one the largest companies in ground robotics for the DoD and a leader in commercial autonomous vehicles worldwide. Robotic Research develops innovations that bring greater safety and security to public transportation and defense systems through the power of robotics and supporting technologies, such as AI and machine learning. Some company highlights include the first fully autonomous convoy trucks for logistical applications, deployment of commercial shuttles and buses worldwide, as well as the creation of a new family of transformable robotic systems that both fly and drive. Areas of expertise include AI, graph theory, controls, and optimization.