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About RRAI

Built on decades of experience

RRAI is the commercial division of Robotic Research––a global technology company that has delivered autonomous mobility and robotics solutions for more than two decades. Robotic Research was started by industry pioneers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It has grown to be a household name in both commercial and defense autonomous operations, with achievements such as the deployment of the first automated heavy duty transit bus deployed in revenue service, and the world’s largest end-user-operated fleet of autonomous logistics trucks.

  1. 2002
    • Robotic Research founded
  2. 2003
    • Autonomous prototype verified at TRL-6
  3. 2007
    • Deployed an autonomous convoy in a GPS-denied environment
  4. 2008
    • Became the first DOD-approved company to deploy unmanned vehicles, eventually deploying unmanned vehicles to clear roads in Afghanistan
  5. 2011
    • GPS-denied systems become commercially available with first AV shuttle deployed for public use
  6. 2015
    • Awarded contract to automate Army logistics trucks
  7. 2018
    • Deployed Olli AV shuttle globally
  8. 2019
    • Won exclusive agreement with New Flyer; selected by PANYNJ for Exclusive Bus Lane in the Lincoln Tunnel; delivered 60 unmanned logistics trucks to the Army’s 41st transportation company
  9. 2020
    • Selected for first automated BRT lane
  10. 2021
    • Unveiled America’s first automated transit bus
  11. 2022
    • Announced $228 million Series A funding round
Front of an RR.AI autonomous truck

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Heavy duty truck using technology from an autonomous trucking company on the highway

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