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Off-Road and On-Road Autonomous Vehicle Platforms Enabling ADS and ADAS

AutoDrive® is a full-stack, self-driving platform designed to deliver multi-modal autonomous driving capabilities.

Originally developed for off-road military operations, RRAI’s design philosophy delivers advanced autonomous operation that does not require traditional infrastructure for autonomous operation. We can operate without GPS, without special signage, and can run even when there are no lines on the road – we approach path-planning, localization, perception and other navigation concepts with the expectation of using the roadway infrastructure as it is today.

The AutoDrive A-Kit HW/SW platform delivers automated driving system (ADS) at SAE Level 4 automation, and alternately can be configured for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) SAE Level 2.

Our technology is easily portable across vehicle forms and factors, off-road and on-road, above or below ground, making AutoDrive an exceptional solution for military applications, commercial OEMs and mixed-fleet operators.

See AutoDrive in action

AutoDrive: Battle-tested, Customer-Approved

  • First AV technology approved by the U.S. Department of Defense to operate autonomously around pedestrians
  • First AV technology for Army logistics applications deployed in wartime 
  • Successfully installed and tested in 50+ different vehicle types
  • Overcomes the most challenging military, industrial and municipal environments
  • Learn how RRAI delivers practical, productive and safe solutions for commercial and defense applications:

The future of autonomous mobility is here.