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Success Under the Toughest Conditions

RRAI’s AutoDrive® vehicle autonomy tackles the defense industry’s toughest autonomy challenges on the battlefield.

RRAI has developed, hardened, and scaled vehicle-agnostic self-driving systems able to navigate in rough, uneven terrain, in poor weather, without GPS, and without infrastructure. RRAI delivers autonomous vehicle capability that works in unstructured environments, above or below ground, to ensure warfighters operate with maximum situational awareness, mobility, and agility.

AutoDrive is a fully integrated vehicle autonomy platform – designed around MOSA and open architecture fundamentals to enable the Government and industry to develop and deploy their own autonomy modules on top of the system. It is built on an autonomy software ecosystem common to government software efforts. AutoDrive is purpose-built to permit ease-of-use and routine upgrades. The system possesses the kind of flexibility necessary for the integration of other sources of hardware and software. Far from a proprietary “vendor lock,” AutoDrive is the kind of flexible software solution ideal for dynamic and rapid innovation efforts.         

By thinking differently about mission challenges, we design and implement solutions that improve the efficiency of logistics, enhance situational awareness, and save lives by extending the warfighter’s reach.

RRAI has automated more than two dozen DOD vehicle platforms. This includes the world’s largest fleet of fully uncrewed trucks, the Palletized Load System (PLS) resupply vehicle designed for long-range transport and unit resupply automated under the Expedient Leader-Follower (ExLF) program, as well as the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET), a force-multiplier designed to carry a variety of payloads, up to nine soldiers’ worth of equipment, for 60 miles.


PLS test center
SMET Idaho
A3S PLS image

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The U.S. Army’s Expedient Leader-Follower (ExLF) program is designed to enable uncrewed platoon convoys to be used by field units as alternate convoy equipment. Uncrewed vehicle convoys – Oshkosh Palletized Load System (PLS) trucks in this case – significantly reduce the risks of IEDs and other hazards commonly borne by warfighters.

As part of the CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s Autonomous Ground Resupply (AGR) and Expedient Leader Follower (ExLF) programs, RRAI authored and developed the base autonomy software used for the programs and deployed that technology onto Oshkosh’s PLS and LVSR vehicles. RRAI has since updated this technology into our commercial stack to continue improvements for the warfighter.

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The U.S. Army launched the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) program to pursue carry-burden relief for soldiers in the field, by offloading weight from a dismounted soldier, squad, or unit. The Army selected manufacturer General Dynamics to build the SMET platform. RRAI integrated our AutoDrive® platform onto the SMET to remove the need for a dedicated vehicle operator and enable a single operator to control several vehicles at once.

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Autonomy as a Service (A3S)

RRAI’s A3S™ Autonomy as a Service program helps customers meet autonomy objectives in the near-term while managing upfront investment and ensuring long-tail continuous hardware/software development improvements and functionality enhancements and additions. 

A3S Customer Benefits:

  • Enables budget certainty and lower upfront costs
  • Fosters Quality Assurance and Iterative Design processes
  • Ensures continuous HW/SW updates and support as part of the license fee/subscription
  • Results in more functionality, greater product reliability, and easier program sustainability over time

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Military Lineage

RRAI is dedicated to the mission of saving lives by developing autonomous and semi-autonomous capabilities for the warfighter. 

Throughout our 20-year history, we have worked with the US Government and DoD organizations to author, develop, integrate, and deploy software and hardware for coordinated localization, adversarial autonomy, and situational awareness.

Few autonomy companies can match the expertise and ability to develop, scale and deploy, even in combat conditions, as RRAI.

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General Dynamics MUTT


General Dynamics SMET

Polaris MRZR




Oshkosh PLS


Oshkosh LVSR


Oshkosh JLTV

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