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Robotic Research Publishes White Paper Spotlighting Automated Bus Rapid Transit in the Future of Urban Transportation

Robotic Research Publishes White Paper Spotlighting Automated Bus Rapid Transit in the Future of Urban Transportation


CLARKSBURG, Md., Dec. 17, 2020 — Robotic Research LLC, one of the world’s leading autonomous technology providers, today released a new white paper titled “Automated Bus Rapid Transit: A New Mode for High-Quality, High-Capacity Transit Corridors.” This whitepaper summarizes how automated vehicle technologies significantly enhance the quality and capacity of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), creating a new form of transit, Automated Bus Rapid Transit (ABRT).

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The white paper, which describes how existing technology can be used to enhance conventional BRT systems, was written by Richard Mudge and Jerome Lutin as part of Robotic Research’s ongoing efforts to share insights and best practices to advance the deployment of proven autonomous technologies in commercial markets. The white paper highlights how ABRT can be an effective alternative to conventional BRT and Light Rail Transit (LRT) in planning transit corridor investments.

Specific examples of autonomous technology benefits to BRT systems included in the white paper are:

  • Automated collision avoidance and emergency braking to increase safety.
  • Automated lane-keeping to enhance operation on narrow rights of way and sharp curves.
  • Automated precision docking, which allows level boarding at platforms to maintain a wheelchair-compliant gap and reduce damage to buses and platforms.
  • Automated smooth acceleration, deceleration and speed control.
  • “Platooning,” which can create an electronically linked train of buses controlled by a single driver in the lead bus.

“Robotic Research has spent nearly two decades developing autonomy and advanced driver-assistance systems for industrial and transit vehicles currently deployed around the world. We are pleased to present this white paper, which summarizes the state of the technology for mass transit while providing insight into our work developing innovative transportation solutions in collaboration with mass transit leaders from some of the most traffic-intense regions in the U.S.,” said Alberto Lacaze, president of Robotic Research. “We believe that by adding technology, traditional bus rapid transit can be enhanced to create a cost-efficient, safe and flexible mode of transit for high-capacity areas. This report outlines essential points that need to be considered in the development of future autonomous transportation modes as part of urban planning solutions and highlights our company’s successes with ABRT as a guide for future programs.”

The report describes bus automation projects by Robotic Research, including:

While the report focuses on BRT, these technologies also have applications in conventional commercial and public bus operations.

Please visit for more detail on the company’s history, broad autonomous and robotic technology offering, and ongoing work for industry commercial customers as well as the U.S. military.

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Robotic Research, LLC, is an award-winning, leading provider of autonomy and robotic technology driving the transformation of commercial and government autonomous operations through innovative and intelligent systems. Whether providing autonomous vehicles to the military to keep the warfighter safe; delivering unmanned, transformable robots to extend the reach of Special Forces units; or making commercial transportation safer and more efficient, Robotic Research is leading this dynamic revolution in technology. To learn more about Robotic Research, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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